Even though WordPress makes it easy enough for new developers to get up and running quickly, every WordPress developer (even the seasoned ones) will ask themselves from time to time; “Now, how did I do this or that again?“.

There is a lot of WordPress development related information out there and whatever your WordPress related search query is, it will undoubtedly bring up many pages of search results, some of them related to what you’re looking for, others not. A lot of WordPress related development blogs and websites out there are infested with ads and other annoying content, making the pages distracting to read and slow to load. WPChef is trying to establish a clean development resource for all lovers of WordPress cuisine to enjoy.

WPChef is a Recipe and Ingredient oriented website. Ingredients often consist of a few lines of code and usually call WordPress core functionality to obtain some specific information about posts or taxonomies. Recipes are usually more complete solutions and tend to combine one or more Ingredients together cooked up in a nice dish.

Bon App├ętit!